Thinking of starting a business but don’t know which?

Don’t worry it’s not that hard to find.
First do not think of money you would make. Think of a problem you can solve.
What do you see and get angry and you want it fixed?
What do you naturally have flair for?
What can you seamlessly do even when you are woken up from sleep?

Find a problem in this area and solve and the money will come👌

Don’t go into a business because everyone is doing it. Don’t go into a traditional business because you saw some people making money in it. Say for example you saw your friends starting make up studios and making money you now rush to start. You saw people making money in food business you now jump in.

Before you start the make up business ask yourself: Do I love beautifully made up faces, Do I love standing for long periods trying to beautify another person etc

For food business: Do you love good food? Do you love seeing people well fed and happy with the good taste of food, can you stay in the kitchen yourself for hours to meet customers demand? etc

Ask yourself, do I love doing this?
If no, you will struggle in that business and most likely fold up.

Your business should be tied to a problem around what you love.

Got that?

Actually it is not money first, it is your idea and passion that will birth your business. I started my first company with no money. All we had with my partner then was passion and a great idea. It got us our first job and we sourced for money to execute it.

Don’t wait till the time is perfect. It will never be!
Now you know, go solve that problem!