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How To Grow Your Business Using Facebook

If you’ve ever wanted to build a business using Facebook, if you have tried and not succeeded, if you want to improve your skills and get more prospects/clients, if you want to grow your followers and build a global brand then this course is for you!

What You will Learn:
✅Why Use Social Media for Business Growth?
✅ Effective Facebook Prospecting/Marketing
✅ How To Grow Your Audience on Facebook
✅ Building A Brand on Facebook
✅ Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing
✅ Content Creation, audience engagement and conversion
✅ The Business Growth Mindset (Bonus Lecture)
And lots more.

Trainer: Mrs Ahaoma Mbadiwe-Maduforo
(Award Winning Network Marketing Professional, Author, Multiple Business Owner) and other great coaches!

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Glory Emuchay

Glory Emuchay
I am so glad I enrolled for this course. The knowledge I have been seeking since I started my business I have gained in less than 1 week. Thank you for breaking it down and making it so simple. I am equipped for exploits.

Chinwendu A.

Chinwendu A.
FACEBOOK prospecting was my best course on how to grow my business, the teaching opened my eyes on how to advertise my products, facebook prospecting has been my challenge but with what I have learnt I will make it in business.

Oluwabusayo Ilesanmi

Oluwabusayo Ilesanmi
FACEBOOK UTILIZATION FOR BUSINESS GROWTH presents an awesome opportunity to grow my Network Marketing business because there are at least 2.7 billion people on Facebook, if done the right way as it affords me the opportunity to have unlimited prospects that could join my business. I got tremendous value. Thank you for this.

Joseph Abraham

Joseph Abraham
Facebook prospecting and the use of other social media lecture has opened up more doors for me to take my business to higher levels. The practical examples given and strategies unveiled has equipped me well to break grounds in my business. Thank you.